Shivam Jan Swasthya Evem Sarwangin Vikash Kendra involved in segment caters for students over 18 years of age, especially focusing on undergraduates (18-21 years) and graduates (22 years plus). Higher education is provided mainly by three kinds of institutions that have mandate to award degrees. They are: Universities Deemed universities Institutions of national importance There are three main levels of qualification within the higher education system. These are: Bachelor's degree Master's degree Pre-Doctoral/ Doctoral/ Post-Doctoral degree

EducationThe Greatest Pleasure

Shivam Jan Swasthya Evem Sarwangin Vikash Kendra is working in field of Sanitation, House-keeping,Deluxe Toilet Complex,Vocational Trainings,Education,Health,Social Reform and other social works.

  • Address : 5C/12, Manna Singh Lane, Viveka Nand Marg, Boring Road, Patna,(Bihar)
  • Phone No : +91 9431024958
  • Email ID :   ngoshivam@gmail.com
  • Web Site :  www.ngoshivam.org
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